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Get 25% Off the WordPress for Translators Course

Hello everybody! Summer is in full swing and many of you are coming back from your holidays. If you are like me, you have many ideas during your holidays and perhaps one of them is to get your marketing going by upping your game with a WordPress website. Well, I've got the perfect offer for...


Loads of workbooks in the making for the WordPress for Translators course

For each module of the WordPress for Translators course, I'm preparing not only text-based materials, but also workbooks, videos and downloadable assets. From a planner for your email address strategy (yes, it's a thing) to printables to help you plan the placement of your content on your...


WordPress for Translators: Expert interview on cyberlaw

As a professional translator, I know when it's time to bring in experts. That is why I am happy to announce that I was able to sign Dr. Ronald Kandelhard for a module in my course WordPress for Translators. The video module will feature an interview with the cyberlaw specialist to help course...